Unique Pets sleeping with their Stuffed Animals (Awww Alert!)

Good morning sleepy heads! Guess what? It’s Monday and YES we are all dreaming of our cool beds this morning! However, to start the week on the right foot and to celebrate a great week to come, here are some adorable photographs of unique pets sleeping with their teddy bear.  If you are an animal lover and like pet photography, enjoy these pics of kittens, cute puppies from several breeds of dogs, small mice, and even some more exotic animals like a pet ferret, a grizzly bear and even a raccoon snuggling with their very own stuffed animal.

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-1Small mice like to snuggle when taking naps too!

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-2Siberian husky and his Siberian Husky Stuffed animal. 

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-3It’s no secret that all breeds of dogs love to snuggle.

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-4Pics of Kittens make me happy!

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-6More small mice

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-7Is this one of the cutest kittens you’ve ever seen or what? So adorable.

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-8more breeds of dogs and cute puppies
cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-9Cute puppies

More cute puppies
cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-13I have no idea what these are! Anyone?

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-14and more cute puppies

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-15Twins? Beagles are one of my favorite breeds of dogs!

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-17 cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-19Pictures of kittens make me smile, every time!
cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-22Newborn kittens are the best! Once they are born, when do kittens open their eyes? This baby is definitely not in a rush.
cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-24Monkey relaxation time.

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-32Cute kittens

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-36A raccoon pet sleeping and his teddy bear: best friends! 

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-37Another Siberian husky and his stuffed penguin

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-38Yes! This pet ferret (ferrit) deserves to sleep like a boss!

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-39This baby Grizzly bear is too much!

cute-animals-sleeping-stuffed-toys-40Star stables? Not today, it’s nap time!

Which one was your favorite? Mine are the grizzly bear and the cute kittens!


Photographs Credits: Alexey TrofimovMatthieu PaleyEmmanuel Coupeimgur.comKent ShiraishiPhillips ChipStu ShawAdam RifkinDaniel Kordanimgur.comPhillips ChipAlexey TrofimovPhillips ChipNae ChantaravisootKrzysztof HanusiakAlasdair TurnerChad WhaleyKent ShiraishiMagdalena Bertmanmjmadisonwi. Via (Earth Porm).


  1. You called the hedgehog a ferret. It is most certainly NOT a ferret…
    Also, why do you say “cute puppies” as if there are 2 or more puppies in the photo. When usually there’s only one. And occasionally there is one with a stuffed animal that just so happens to be a puppy. But either way it would be “cute puppy” not “cute puppies.”

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