Thought-Provoking Portraits of People Lying in 7 Days Worth of their Garbage

California based Photographer Gregg Segal definitely has an edge and stands for what he believes. On this collection named “7 Days of Garbage”, Gregg created a thought-provoking series to raise awareness of the amount of waste being produced in the country today. “The average american produces 4 pound of garbage a day. As a nation, we produce 4 million tons of waste, a week. I’m concerned not only by how much we throw away, but by how blithe we are to the problem” said Gregg.


The photographer asked his family, neighbors and other acquaintances to save up their garbage for a week and to lay on it to be photographed. “I included my family because I want my 7 year old son to understand that we are contributing to the problem too. I didn’t want to act like I’m separate. I wasn’t crazy about the picture, but I do think it’s important to show people. It’s not like I’m pointing the finger at them. I’m pointing it at all of us,” says the artist.


Via: The Idealist Revolution

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