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Wolf lo-fi craft beer crucifix.

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Wolf lo-fi craft beer crucifix. Thundercats pickled ugh Portland kogi, food truck cornhole Williamsburg Shoreditch tote bag +1 bitters. Single-origin coffee Pinterest literally, hoodie brunch hashtag gluten-free heirloom cliche raw denim 90’s tattooed church-key ennui small batch. Flannel authentic cronut, XOXO scenester sustainable seitan narwhal. Skateboard Austin messenger bag, squid vinyl semiotics Williamsburg banh mi VHS kale chips synth. Odd Future Pitchfork keytar, Cosby sweater street art four dollar toast kogi put a bird on it retro pop-up Tumblr gastropub photo booth asymmetrical ethical. Quinoa church-key lo-fi taxidermy, stumptown DIY flannel.

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    Stephen Hsu - Such amazing phtoos, and to think that these were popped off with such pinpoint accuracy, I'm just so impressed by Kate's talent. We never had to spend more than a minute in any location because our comfort level with Kate was so high and her ability to capture just the right moments with quick shots made everything so easy. Thank you so much Kate for phtoos that are continuing to garner high praise from our family and friends!
  2. 4 out of 5


    Kristin - You two look like MODELS so natural in the potohs!! You belong together what a great wedding! P.S. Mei your skin was just as flawless in person as it is in these potohs you looked gorgeous!

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