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Artisan plaid direct trade, pariatur consectetur lomo actually iPhone tattooed whatever.

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    I wouldn't be to conrecned with the scar it will never take away the person you truly are inside.It should also always remind you of how special you are to all of your loved ones and how much they rely/love you.As a woman it is probably much harder to come to terms with.Us men really don't let those things bother us.I wish I could magically give you that one male attribute to help with your self image.I commend you for your bravery and ability to share your experiences with with all of us.I wish you all the best and bless you with love,kindness as well as compassion. :)
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    I've also heard that the whole 9 yards referred to the lentgh of an ammo belt in some kind of large artillery installation. The phrase coming more from the idea of giving someone the whole 9 yards because you shot the hell out of them.As for why I put the new tattoo on my neck, lame as it sounds The Undertaker from WWE has his wife's name tattooed across his neck and I always thought it was really cool and romantic. When I decided to get a tattoo as a spur of the moment thing, it was the first idea that came to mind.

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