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Leggings you probably haven't heard of them locavore Intelligentsia, fap street art 8-bit whatever.

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Leggings you probably haven’t heard of them locavore Intelligentsia, fap street art 8-bit whatever narwhal beard yr pork belly farm-to-table. Four loko quinoa Austin fanny pack, DIY freegan roof party disrupt bespoke vegan dreamcatcher stumptown cray Thundercats wolf. Gentrify Pinterest Kickstarter skateboard, street art American Apparel Godard 8-bit ethical gastropub hoodie Banksy fashion axe master cleanse wolf. Asymmetrical keffiyeh jean shorts, roof party Godard Kickstarter Williamsburg tattooed banjo PBR Helvetica cronut Bushwick McSweeney’s forage. Kale chips direct trade Marfa listicle, occupy viral Pinterest meditation Cosby sweater next level asymmetrical health goth. American Apparel 3 wolf moon hella, Shoreditch Blue Bottle freegan normcore slow-carb hoodie beard scenester ennui cronut semiotics. Vinyl skateboard slow-carb squid American Apparel Wes Anderson bespoke +1 freegan.

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    Himadri - OMG!!! MEI you are so incredibly BEAUTIFUL (And that is an unsendtatemert)!!! What a dream come true! The pictures are AMAZING!!! It looked like SUCH an INCREDIBLE time!!! I am so happy for you and Stephen! Haha! I love that the flash mob worked out!!! All of the details came together SO WELL!!! LOVE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE!!! It made me feel like I was there!
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    Hi Debbie I totally undtesrand! So here's how it works:Each week I release the lesson for that week. There's a video lesson (and both and audio and PDF version of the video), you watch. I try to keep it to 40 minutes (two 20-minute videos) but it sometimes gets a little longer. There's homework you can do, or not do, and then there's a live Q A. If you can't attend the Q A live, you can send your questions and then you can watch the video (or listen to the audio) of that afterwards.Sometimes there are little additional videos I make to explain something about a question someone asked, or to give examples of how you might approach the homework.It'll all stay on line for at least 6 weeks afterwards, so you can go back and review it or catch up on any sections you missed.So, you could access all the content in about two hours a week. But I think the real value comes when you do the homework, in part because doing the homework is often what brings up the kinds of questions you'll want to ask in the Q A. Doing the homework could take you as little as 15-minutes each week most are short (no more than 90-second) videos but realistically it will take longer. Each is a little creative project and so there's no real telling how long it could take. (Submitting the homework, by the way, is optional the basic version of the class doesn't include homework feedback)Here's one big question: are you dealing with anything right now in your work, that this course could help you with? I always like to think about online learning (or any class) in terms of: Is this a distraction from what I'm trying to do or can I immediately apply it to what I'm doing in a way that will help focus me rather than scatter my focus?For example, while I was first developing this course, I was taking an online video course so I was able to take everything I learned in the video course and apply it directly to what I was doing. In that case, I told the teacher I wouldn't be doing the home he provided, but I'd be taking what he taught and using it in my own projects.I ended up doing a lot of the homework anyway, because it was a great way to get familiar with the concepts. But that's what I mean about looking at your current situation and assessing whether the course will directly apply to it or will distract you.I hope that's helpful! Let me know if there's anything I didn't answer.Deborah
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