Portraits of Famous Photographers with Their Most Iconic Photographs

In December 2006, photographer Tim Mantoani rented a 20×24 polaroid camera in San Francisco and made portraits of photographers Jim Marshall and Michael Zagaris, each holding their most iconic images. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a long journey of photographing over 150 famous photographers holding their famous images. This collection of famous photographs and their creators would later be called “Behind Photographs” and made into a book. “We have come to a point in history where we are losing both photographic recording mediums and iconic photographers. While many people are familiar with iconic photographs, the general public has no idea of who created them. This book became a means to do that, the photographer and their photograph in one image.” says the photographer about the book. Visit official website for more images, here are some of our favorite historic photographs.


Douglas Kirkland and “Evening with Marilyndouglaskirkland

Bob Gruen and “John Lennon” bobgruen


Baron Wolman and “Jimi Hendrix” Baron-Wolman

Alfred Wertheimer and “Elvis and His Date” Alfred-Wertheimer

Steve McCurry and “Afghan Girl” w704 w704-14

Vincent Laforet and “Me And My Human” w704-12

Carl Fischer and “Muhammad Ali” w704-11

David Doubilet and “Circle of Barracuda, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea” w704-10

Mary Ellen Mark and “Ram Prakash Singh” w704-9

Julius Shulman and “Case Study House #22, Two Girls”w704-7

Karen Kuehn and “Cats Story” w704-6

Harry Benson and “The Beatles, George V Hotel” w704-5

Nick Ut and “The Terror of War” w704-4

Lyle Owerko and “9/11″ w704-3

Jeff Widener and “Tank Man”

Thomas Mangelson and “Brown bear, Brooks Falls Katmai National Park, Alaska” thomasmangelson

Ron Gallela and “Windblown Jackie” rongallela

Neil Leifer and “Ali vs. Liston”

Mark Seliger and “Kurt Cobain” Mark-Seliger

Jim Marshall and “Sound Check 1969″


Greg Gorman and “Andy Warhol” Greg-Gorman

Elliott Erwitt and “Dog Legs”


Via (My Modern Met, Peta Pixel)


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