13 Incredible Sequential Photographs of Extreme Sports Athletes in Action

Red Bull, the famous energy drink brand which punch line is Red Bull gives you wings is definitely spreading their wings into different ventures. Red Bull is known for pioneering events, such as the red bull space jump; and for creating very cool things, such as the red bull music academy, red bull tv, red bull records and the red bull photography contest, called Red Bull Illume. Photographer: Sterling Lorence. Athlete: Brett Rheeder. Location: Winton, New Zealand The … [Read more...]

Powerful Photographs of the Intersection Between Ocean and Sky by Alessandro Puccinelli

Alessandro Puccinelli loves the ocean, in this collection called "Intersection" the photographer masterfully captures the intersection between the powerful forces of the ocean and the sky. "All my personal works are about the sea, as the presence of the ocean in my everyday life is a balancing factor that helps me reconnect with that internal equilibrium which, as a human being I, all too easily, lose." says the italian artist. Simply amazing. Find out more about Alessandro's … [Read more...]

Flo Mocean Collection by Phillip Thurston

Australian surf photographer Phillip Thurston flawlessly captures the ocean in low shutter speeds. He has named this collection of images: Flo Mocean. I love the unique approach he has to surf photography, his images almost look like dreamy paintings of the ocean. Simplicity once again is the key to stunning. Check out more of his beautiful work … [Read more...]

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