Hilarious Double Meaning Photographs by Alexander Khohlov and Veronica Ershova

Russian photographers Alexander Khohlov and Veronica Ershova collaborate once again in this creative pop art collection of photographs named "Table Stories"  We have showcased their pop art photographs here previously and love what they create.  Mona Listens If you are a fan of word games, double meanings and unusual interpretations, you will love these images. The collection is a mix of photography, philology, art, minimalism and sudden paraphrases. "We took famous … [Read more...]

Spectacular Portraits of Modern Super Heroes as if in the 16th Century

Photographer Sacha Goldberger had a very specific vision for this project named Super Flemish. It took him 2 years to complete the project, but the results are spectacular. "All of it was incredible, it was like a dream come true," said the artist. Find out more about his work here. … [Read more...]

Hypnotizing Light Projection Portraits by Mads Perch

Mads Perch is not afraid to do things differently. "Moving time" was created with the aid of a light projector and the flawless creativity of the Art Director Gemma Fletcher. Mads is a master at capturing emotion and his images are intense yet gentle, and very moving. Find more about Mads work here.    http://vimeo.com/108233316 … [Read more...]

Amazing Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

LA based photographer Tim Tadder once said "If my images are my voice, I never want to be an echo". And that's what he proves once again with this collection of images that he defines as "A further exploration into water weirdness". Tim and his projects are definitely one of a kind. Check out more of Tim's amazing work here … [Read more...]

Movie Stars Revisit Their Unforgettable Roles

In this shoot for Empire Magazine, celebrities revisit the roles that made them legends.  Can you guess what movies they are revisiting? Mel Gibson - Brave Heart (Photo: Sarah Dunn) Sam Neill - Jurassic Park (Photo:Bradley Patrick) Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminator (Photo: Robert Gallagher) Laurence Fishburne - The Matrix (Photo: Sarah Dunn) Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint - Harry Potter (Photo: Matt Hollyoak) Gerard Butler – 300 (Photo: Sarah Dunn) and … [Read more...]

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