20 Photographs That Will Show You How Crowded China Really Is

China overpopulation problems are nowhere near resolution. Here are some images that can give you some insight into what the problem looks in the streets of China. A tourist resort in Daying County provides a, not so exclusive, escape from the summer heat. A woman collects her bicycle from a parking lot outside of a subway station in Beijing. In China, even if you have a drivers license, you can't buy a car. You have to ask the government for a permit to be able to drive … [Read more...]

Famous Old Black and White pictures from the past colorized to perfection!

Up until 1970's, color photographs were a rarity. When we look back at our history photos before that period, all we can see is black and white photographs,, its not common to spot old photos in color. In the past, artist have tried to bring these images to life by manually colorizing them, but the results weren't very impressive. With the advance technology of photoshop colorize, photo editing and image manipulation (and with the amazing gift and sensibility of colorization … [Read more...]

Portraits of Famous Photographers with Their Most Iconic Photographs

In December 2006, photographer Tim Mantoani rented a 20x24 polaroid camera in San Francisco and made portraits of photographers Jim Marshall and Michael Zagaris, each holding their most iconic images. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a long journey of photographing over 150 famous photographers holding their famous images. This collection of famous photographs and their creators would later be called "Behind Photographs" and made into a book. “We have … [Read more...]

One Image that is worth a thousand words!

A member of the army stands watch over a destroyed temple in Bashantapur on April 29 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Chris Mcgrath / Getty Images (Click here to view image full size) … [Read more...]

13 Incredible Sequential Photographs of Extreme Sports Athletes in Action

Red Bull, the famous energy drink brand which punch line is Red Bull gives you wings is definitely spreading their wings into different ventures. Red Bull is known for pioneering events, such as the red bull space jump; and for creating very cool things, such as the red bull music academy, red bull tv, red bull records and the red bull photography contest, called Red Bull Illume. Photographer: Sterling Lorence. Athlete: Brett Rheeder. Location: Winton, New Zealand The … [Read more...]

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