Geeky Newborn Photographs That Will Make You Happy Today

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The Most Creative Sleeping Baby Photos By Queenie Liao

California based artist and mom, Sion Queenie Liao know how to be creative. She designs fairy tale like sceneries and takes pictures of her son Wengenn in them. What is really impressive is her attention to detail in the photoshoot production. 'I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share with the readers not only the pictures I have taken, but more importantly, the inexpressible love, joy and pride as a mother while creating this special album for my son Wengenn' … [Read more...]

Creative Mom Takes Adorable Pictures of Her Baby Girl

Stephanie Er is a very creative mom. She designs inventive scenes and takes pictures of her newborn daughter, Ara, in them. The results are too cute not to share. "I’ve spent every day learning about how to be a mum and I’m enjoying every bit of it. Even when she cries… A lot of people say they miss the times when their child was still a baby so I’m trying to savour every moment while Ara is little." says the proud mom on her personal blog. See more of these sweet images … [Read more...]

Baby and Newborn Photography Ideas

Oh, don't we all love newborn photography? I know I do. It's nearly impossible not to melt when we see cute baby photographs. Even though these newborn photo shoots usually turn out very adorable, I've observed that since the newborn photography trend started, it hasn't gone through a lot of change. Some photographers try to do creative things, but most newborn photography is pretty much the same . Newborn babies are usually on the same positions, either naked or wrapped … [Read more...]

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