Beautifully Deconstructed Flowers by Fong Qi Wei

Visual Artist and photographer Fong Qi Wei created this series of photographs named Exploded Flowers. The collection of finely created photographs features different types of flowers dissected into a circumference so that viewers can appreciate the complexity that is involved into the apparent simple beauty of flowers. These flowers were deconstructed at their moment of full bloom and shows such fullness that it could be considered a visual bouquet of flowers with a … [Read more...]

Stunning Long Exposure 4th of July Fireworks Captured Like You’ve Never Seen!

Have you missed the firework show last night? Well, that's no problem here is a much cooler way to experience fireworks. Last Fourth of July photographer Nick Pacione attempted to use a macro lens to capture the fireworks from the Independence Day Firework Show. He used a special rack focus technique to change focus during the long exposures. The results? These stunning and vibrant abstract images. He named the collection "Explosions in the Sky". Check out more of Nick's … [Read more...]

Stunning Macro Photographs Captured by an Electron Microscope

Photography is all about perspective, and sometimes it has the ability to reveal images that go beyond what we can see with our own naked eyes. On this fine art photography project we see macro photographs captured by an electron microscope. The results are very cool and interesting. Can you guess what objects are being photographed?    Used Dental Floss Mascara Brush  Salt and Pepper  Postage Stamp  Used Q-tip  Needle and Thread  Computer Micro … [Read more...]

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