How Famous Artists Would Plate their ThanksGiving Feast by Hannah Rothstein

It is finally that time of the year to cook and share a bountiful meal with family and friends. Yes, thanksgiving is here, let’s get the turkey done and watch the parade as we thank for all the blessings we had. We all know about the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, but have you ever thought how would famous artists plate their thanksgiving? Well, the conceptual artist and painter Hannah Rothstein did. Her work focuses on finding humorous ways to look at ordinary … [Read more...]

Colorful Compositions of Candy at Sugar Series by Emily Blincoe

Emily Blincoe is a photographer from Austin, TX.  Here is her "Sugar Series" collection of photographs,  where she separates candy bars in different color schemes and creates a very cool composition. Here is a proof that, in photography, a simple idea combined with a brilliant execution can be turned into something truly beautiful. Find out more about her work here. ] ] … [Read more...]

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