Famous Old Black and White pictures from the past colorized to perfection!

Up until 1970's, color photographs were a rarity. When we look back at our history photos before that period, all we can see is black and white photographs,, its not common to spot old photos in color. In the past, artist have tried to bring these images to life by manually colorizing them, but the results weren't very impressive. With the advance technology of photoshop colorize, photo editing and image manipulation (and with the amazing gift and sensibility of colorization … [Read more...]

Stunning Long Exposure 4th of July Fireworks Captured Like You’ve Never Seen!

Have you missed the firework show last night? Well, that's no problem here is a much cooler way to experience fireworks. Last Fourth of July photographer Nick Pacione attempted to use a macro lens to capture the fireworks from the Independence Day Firework Show. He used a special rack focus technique to change focus during the long exposures. The results? These stunning and vibrant abstract images. He named the collection "Explosions in the Sky". Check out more of Nick's … [Read more...]

Portraits of Famous Photographers with Their Most Iconic Photographs

In December 2006, photographer Tim Mantoani rented a 20x24 polaroid camera in San Francisco and made portraits of photographers Jim Marshall and Michael Zagaris, each holding their most iconic images. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a long journey of photographing over 150 famous photographers holding their famous images. This collection of famous photographs and their creators would later be called "Behind Photographs" and made into a book. “We have … [Read more...]

Thought-Provoking Portraits of People Lying in 7 Days Worth of their Garbage

California based Photographer Gregg Segal definitely has an edge and stands for what he believes. On this collection named "7 Days of Garbage", Gregg created a thought-provoking series to raise awareness of the amount of waste being produced in the country today. "The average american produces 4 pound of garbage a day. As a nation, we produce 4 million tons of waste, a week. I'm concerned not only by how much we throw away, but by how blithe we are to the problem" said … [Read more...]

Hilarious Double Meaning Photographs by Alexander Khohlov and Veronica Ershova

Russian photographers Alexander Khohlov and Veronica Ershova collaborate once again in this creative pop art collection of photographs named "Table Stories"  We have showcased their pop art photographs here previously and love what they create.  Mona Listens If you are a fan of word games, double meanings and unusual interpretations, you will love these images. The collection is a mix of photography, philology, art, minimalism and sudden paraphrases. "We took famous … [Read more...]

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