Revealing Celebrity Boudoir Photography in Black and White!

Here are some of our favorite black and white boudoir photographs from current celebrities. When it comes to Boudoir photography, there is nothing more sensual and beautiful than a well done black and white conversion. 1.Rihanna 2.Angelina Jolie 3.Kim Kardashian 4.Anne Hathaway 5.Bar Refaeli 6.Christina Aguilera 7.Kate Winslet 8.Mila Kunis 9.Kaley Cuoco 10.Gisele Bündchen 11.Scarlett Johansson 12.Gwyneth Paltrow 13.Sofía … [Read more...]

Inspiration – Black and White Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography has become a very popular type of photography, and a growing number of women are seeking to do Boudoir photo shoots. I often study the intricacies of beauty and the presence of sex appeal in images. What I usually notice is that when it comes to Boudoir Photography, there is a very thin line between stunning sensuality and cheap vulgarity. The taste of the photographer plays a huge role in this process. Every woman has their own way of being sexy and … [Read more...]

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