The 10 Most Powerful and Emotional War Photographs Ever Taken

Memorial Day is a meaningful time when we come together and remember the heroes who have died while serving in the country's armed forces. Here are some of the most powerful and emotional photographs ever taken during war. These special photographs have moved me so deeply. I think it is because when we talk about war, the first thing that comes to mind is hatred, sadness and darkness, but these images showcase a completely different side of these hard times of war; times when … [Read more...]

Intriguing Organic Black and White Nude Photography “Boxed in” by Amy Yates

Amy Yates is a photographer and graphic designer whose fine art photography project called "Boxed in" explores the ambiguity of the box as a metaphor. "These photographs are about reactions to restricted space. My subjects may appear to be “boxed in” and trying to escape as if from a cell or a trap and yet simultaneously resigned to their condition since their enclosure seems to provide shelter and protection and can be seen as a type of armor, a protective shell."  explains … [Read more...]

Inspiration – Black and White Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography has become a very popular type of photography, and a growing number of women are seeking to do Boudoir photo shoots. I often study the intricacies of beauty and the presence of sex appeal in images. What I usually notice is that when it comes to Boudoir Photography, there is a very thin line between stunning sensuality and cheap vulgarity. The taste of the photographer plays a huge role in this process. Every woman has their own way of being sexy and … [Read more...]

Intriguing Collection L’ Anticonformista by Mia Di Domenico

Italian photographer, Mia Di Domenico, challenges women to "be different and make a difference" in her collection of photographs called L' Anticonformista. The high contrast black and white images definitely have edge and mystery to them, making this photographic project one of a kind. Check out more of her work here.   … [Read more...]

Famous Photographers – Ansel Adams

Every time the words photography, landscape photography and black-and-white photography are mentioned, the first name that comes to mind is Ansel Adams. But, what exactly is so special about Ansel Adam's body of work? Ansel Adams the Icon Ansel Adams is considered an iconic figure and the most famous photographer in history because his landscape black-and-white photographs were paramount in establishing photography among the more traditional fine arts, such as paintings and … [Read more...]

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