Incredible Drone Photographs of Worlds Most Famous Sights by Amos Chapple

Photographer Amos Chapple was in love with drones from the moment they hit the market. He purchase a drone before there were many regulations on, and travelled the world solo capturing some of the most beautiful images of the most famous sights in the world from a bird-eye view. In the process he created some of the most stunning aerial photography I have ever seen. Most of these images would be illegal to capture nowadays due to strict drone flying regulations. "There was a … [Read more...]

Stunning Symmetry on Aerial Photographs by Simon Butterworth

These beautiful photographs were taken by photographer Simon Butterworth and this first image has been shortlisted for the 2015 Sony World Photographic Awards Professional Landscape category.  It belongs to a series of very intriguing photographs called Blue Fields.   "Blue Fields was shot at the Useless Loop solar salt operation situated in Shark Bay, the westernmost point of mainland Australia. The series is part of a larger, long term project, Aesthetics of … [Read more...]

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