30 Crazy Things Photographers Will Do to Get the Shot

This is too funny, Enjoy. Via: Earth Porn … [Read more...]

Incredible Porcelain Figures Past the Breaking Point by Martin Klimas

German photographer Martin Klimas is known for photographing objects breaking at high shutter speed. In this collection of photographs, named Porcelain figures, the artist captured porcelain sculptures just passed the breaking point when they hit a flat surface. The fact that the porcelain sculptures are breaking give the images a whole new depth and movement to these images. Amazing! To find out more about his photographs please click here. … [Read more...]

13 Incredible Sequential Photographs of Extreme Sports Athletes in Action

Red Bull, the famous energy drink brand which punch line is Red Bull gives you wings is definitely spreading their wings into different ventures. Red Bull is known for pioneering events, such as the red bull space jump; and for creating very cool things, such as the red bull music academy, red bull tv, red bull records and the red bull photography contest, called Red Bull Illume. Photographer: Sterling Lorence. Athlete: Brett Rheeder. Location: Winton, New Zealand The … [Read more...]

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