Photographer Julien Douvier captures Inspiring Cinemagraphs of Routine

France based photographer Julien Douvier never ceases to inspire with his touching cinemagraphs (partially animated photographs). This collections called “Routine” features the repetition of people on their way to work.   Check out what Julien writes on his website about the collection below:



1. A course of action to be followed regularly ; a standard procedure.
2. A set of normal procedures, often performed mechanically.
3. A set of instructions designed to perform a specific task (computing).

“One day, I realized that I was making the same trip every day for almost four years. Waking up at the same time, taking the same routes through the same streets, on the same sidewalks,
in front of the same buildings…This is why I wanted to find a visual way to represent this phenomeon called routine. That’s how this project was born. This is a work about repetition, present in many forms in these images, not only with people walking by in cadence but also with the buildings facades full of geometric, rythmic and repetitive elements. Because life is all about rhythm.” Julien Douvier














Find out more about his amazing work at his tumblr blog or at this personal website.


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