Brené Brown and Chase Jarvis on Creativity and Vulnerability

I wanted to share this video with you because it blew my mind. This is one of the best interviews that I have ever watched. It has impacted me as a creative, an entrepreneur and a human being. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. … [Read more...]

Hysterical Photographer’s Parody of the song Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Georgia based photographers Tyler and Dabe Shores made this hilarious parody of the famous song "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift. It's too funny and too real also. Enjoy.   Here are the words of the song in case you want to follow along. Verse 1 Canon, Nikon, doesn’t matter I can shoot incredible things Bokeh, sharpness, zoom, and prime Saw you there and I thought, “Oh my god, look at that face” “You … [Read more...]

How Photographer Shanantu Starick Travelled the World for 2 years Without Making or Spending Any Money!

Shanantu Starick likes to call himself a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to photography. About 3 years ago, Shanantu had one of those ideas that seem crazy to most people. He decided he would travel the world without making or spending a penny and he would exchange food, clothes, shelter and transportation for his photographic services; The Pixel Trade project was born. The success of his journey has inspired artists to look at the creative industry with different … [Read more...]

Photographer Ian Ruhter and His Inspiring Lifesize Camera

If you are a photography lover, this video will blow your mind. Ian Ruhter is a fine art photographer who calls himself an Alchemist. He created a unique way to capture and develop his images. I can't help but to be inspired by people who do things differently, he is definitely one of them.  Check out more about Ian's artwork here. … [Read more...]

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