“A great photograph touches the heart. It leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.” Irving Penn   … [Read more...]

The 10 Most Awkward Stock Photos of the Week

Good morning everyone. I'm starting a new series here called "The most awkward stock photos of the week",because sometimes stock photos can get a bit weird. These images are selected and pulled from stock photos websites such as shutterstock, dreamstime, istock photo, getty images, veer, photo stock,, freeimages and finally the champion of awkward images: thinkstock! These images are used here strictly from educational and/or laughter purposes, and they will be … [Read more...]


“Photography is the art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them.” Elliot Erwitt   … [Read more...]

Inspiring Black and White Maternity Pictures That Will Make You Smile

It is very common for new mommies to have a maternity photo shoot showing off their beautiful baby bumps. These pregnancy photo shoots are the perfect idea to showcase women during one of the most special moments of their lives, when they are however these maternity pictures don't always turn out as good as we expect them to. I love maternity photos, so I decided to curate some cute pregnancy pictures to give pregnant women out there some inspiration for their own … [Read more...]

Hilarious Double Meaning Photographs by Alexander Khohlov and Veronica Ershova

Russian photographers Alexander Khohlov and Veronica Ershova collaborate once again in this creative pop art collection of photographs named "Table Stories"  We have showcased their pop art photographs here previously and love what they create.  Mona Listens If you are a fan of word games, double meanings and unusual interpretations, you will love these images. The collection is a mix of photography, philology, art, minimalism and sudden paraphrases. "We took famous … [Read more...]

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