Illusionistic Portraits by Fashion Photographer Andrey Yakovlev

8c5a63bd55e101a9b80e8e4e75f4a4b4 Russian photographer Andrey Yakovlev and art director Lili Aleeva clearly know how to create magic inside the studio. In this fashion photography shoot called Autumn Red, they execute with such perfection that your eyes won’t know if these images are photographs or paintings. The elegance and flawlessness of these images is inspiring. Find out more about his work at his behance page.9bfa141d9186816ca0eba56b77701c9a 57ea1cb7363e41241444a8873daf64a3 68ce44538e7e49613f144f6b3cf9e1c9 3335e2facbd9220061178222fddb47d5 a845d4d3b03cda885936f2f06c66e14f a262078d97e6d36df78e56dedd01062a daa14dc21b56f2c00ee4b3962a1ef00f

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