Hysterical Photographer’s Parody of the song Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Georgia based photographers Tyler and Dabe Shores made this hilarious parody of the famous song “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. It’s too funny and too real also. Enjoy.



Here are the words of the song in case you want to follow along.

Verse 1
Canon, Nikon, doesn’t matter
I can shoot incredible things
Bokeh, sharpness, zoom, and prime
Saw you there and I thought,
“Oh my god, look at that face”
“You look like my next portrait”
I’m free today. Aye.
Sit right here, turn and look
Oh that light is looking good
Move your hair, give a pout
And I know you Facebooked me
so fine, let’s be friends
I’m dying to see how this one ends
Message me, by days end
I really need my photos by the weekend

I won’t make you wait forever
I’ll only make you wait a couple weeks
No you can’t come over
I’m still editing
Got a long list of fall weddings
that I still have to cull
So you’ve gotta stop calling
I’m almost done
We take care of the redness
Won’t take it way too far
It’ll leave you breathless
See, gone with that nasty scar
We can make you look better
Than you do in reality
Make you look like Taylor
Are you insane

Verse 2
Harsh shadows, rainy skies
I still shoot incredible things
Crying kids, really stiff guys
I’ve got candy in my bag
I will bribe if I want
Cmon kid, smile just once
But the worst is yet to come
Drunken groomsmen, wedding day
Dude where are your freaking pants
Timeline gone, we’re so behind
This is like herding cats
Uncle Bob, no I can’t chat
Flashes off for the ceremony
Wait, what do I see?
iPads and cameras in my LCD

[Repeat Chorus]

Bridge (2x)
Summer weddings outside, they are torture
Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t, warn ya

[Repeat Chorus]

Check out more of their photographic work here.

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