Famous Old Black and White pictures from the past colorized to perfection!

Up until 1970’s, color photographs were a rarity. When we look back at our history photos before that period, all we can see is black and white photographs,, its not common to spot old photos in color. In the past, artist have tried to bring these images to life by manually colorizing them, but the results weren’t very impressive. With the advance technology of photoshop colorize, photo editing and image manipulation (and with the amazing gift and sensibility of colorization artists), colorizations techniques have improved substantially, almost to the point of perfection. Here are some old black and white pictures from the past that have been colorized.

colorized-old-photos-20Black and white photos of famous people don’t seem so boring anymore, huh? Mark Twain in 1900.colorized-historic-photo-4-30This is one of my favorite colorized photos of all time. We’ve all been blow away by the Hindenburg video. Here is the colorized image of the Hindenburg Disaster, 19379ue7FzG18 years old Russian girl has been liberated from Dachau concentration camp, one of the biggest concentration camps in Germany, April 1945.fpQyzTe Pele soccer legend wearing his world famous Pele jersey,  1958 in São Paulo.fjSZa1WFlatiron building in midtown manhattan., New York, (ca. 1905) VnypX4ZFashionable Audrey Hepburn, 1953. The star of Gigi Audrey Hepburn is still considered a symbol of elegance and style. The actress was also involved in philanthropy and even today her legacy lives on with the Audrey Hepburn Charity and Society.lJPCnAwJapanese Samurai, 1881colorized-historic-photo-7-30Albert Einstein in Long Island, 1939. Some of us wonder, what did Albert Einstein invent? It’s hard to images that this laid back guy on the photo is the creative mind behind the big bang theory science and the theory of relativity. (Photo credit: Paul Edwards)houdini-colorized-1024x768Harry Houdini, Hungarian-born American magician and escape artist, 1912. Today much of Houdini’s memories, are kept by the houdini museum in Scranton, PA. colorized-historic-photo-20-30Kissing the War Goodbye, 1945

Impressive huh? There are a few amazing artists who use digital software to create colorized photos, one of my favorites is Dana Keller, find more images on his website.

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