Colorful Aerial Landscapes Taken From a Kite by Cris Benton

Photographer Cris Benton is quite a courageous guy, instead of taking his aerial shots from a helicopter or an airplane, he trusts a kite to fly away with his camera. In this project named “Saltscapes” the artist explores the South Bay salt ponds, located near San Francisco. “Not knowing much about the South Bay landscape, I was struck by the wonderful variety of colors and textures associated with the salt ponds. This was fun territory to photograph,” explains the photographer. Find out more about his work here.Smile, you're on kite camera CrisBenton3 CrisBenton4 CrisBenton5 CrisBenton6 CrisBenton7 CrisBenton8 CrisBenton9 CrisBenton10-1 CrisBenton11 CrisBenton12

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