Breathtaking Foggy Landscapes by Photographer Kilian Schönberger

Landscape photographer Killian Schönberger knows exactly how to capture gorgeous images. We love his work and here are some beautiful foggy images from Europe that will blow your mind. Find out more about Kilian’s inspiring work at his website or via his facebook page.Kilian_Schoenberger_The_Fog-4Kilian_Schoenberger_The_Fog-3Kilian_Schoenberger_The_Fog-8Kilian_Schoenberger_The_Fog-1Kilian_Schoenberger_The_Fog-9Kilian_Schoenberger_The_Fog-7Kilian_Schoenberger_The_Fog-6Kilian_Schoenberger_The_Fog-5

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