Must Read Books for Fine Art Photographers: New Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing

New Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing

Contrary to what most people might think, making fine art photography prints is very a difficult task. If you don’t know how to turn a photograph into an extraordinary fine art print, you can’t really call yourself a fine art photographer.

Yes, you can outsource the printing, but if you don’t know how to print yourself, why do you think you’d know how to judge the quality of a photographic lab print?

There is simply nothing more important for a fine art photographer than knowing how to make a fine art photography print. That skill alone is what differentiates amateurs from pros in this business.

This book is the most complete guide on fine art printing to date,  definitely a must read. Here is the book description from


“The very best guide to the world’s best printers–now updated with information on the newest products! Renowned digital photography author Rob Sheppard shows photographers how to get the most out of their Epson printing equipment. He outlines the most efficient workflow, provides printing tips and techniques, and suggests a wealth of other methods that go far beyond the basics. How-tos for handling the most up-to-date technologies, step-by-step tips, and practical, proven real-world strategies that Rob has learned from experience will help photographers the produce top-quality prints they want…right at home.”

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