Inspiration – Black and White Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography has become a very popular type of photography, and a growing number of women are seeking to do Boudoir photo shoots.

I often study the intricacies of beauty and the presence of sex appeal in images. What I usually notice is that when it comes to Boudoir Photography, there is a very thin line between stunning sensuality and cheap vulgarity.

The taste of the photographer plays a huge role in this process. Every woman has their own way of being sexy and of showing elements of who they are that are irresistibly attractive. The photographer, however, must be sensible enough to recognize these elements and reveal them with his/her lenses. It’s when we try to portray sensuality as the same packaged concept for every woman that we fail miserably.

Contrary to what most people might think, real sex appeal is not created by revealing more skin and showing curves in a lingerie, but by hiding  and showing less. The most important element of an erotic and thought-provoking image is wonder. It appeals to imagination and when something is not so obvious to the eye, it fascinates the mind.

Here are a few examples of black and white photographs that are effortlessly beautiful and sensual. And remember, overcompensation kills sex appeal.













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